Adult Driver Education

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Our Adult driver program is designed for a person who needs a first license or a refresher course. The Classroom program, although not required for adults by Wisconsin law, is available to adult students. Behind-the-wheel training is handled individually, both in choosing the number of lessons and in scheduling the lessons.

The Behind-the-Wheel program addresses the following issues:

  • Starting and stopping the vehicle
  • Entering and exiting traffic in various environments
  • Turning right and left
  • Backing and parking the vehicle
  • Negotiating intersections
  • Starting and stopping on hills
  • Turning the vehicle around
  • Driving in cities and towns
  • Driving in rural areas, on various roadways
  • Dealing with other roadway users
  • Seeing selectively and driving defensively
  • Recognizing and responding to signs, signals and roadway marking