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Teen Education

We offer a Road Test Lesson on the day of your state road test.

Teen Driver Education

The nationally accepted Drive Right program is the foundation of our teenage Driver Education course. Our own resources and study aids expand this curriculum into the finest offered in the Fond du Lac area.

To help each young person to become a safe and skillful lifetime driver, we include in our program:
  • Signs, Signals and Roadway Markings
  • Wisconsin Division of Motor Vehicles laws and procedures
  • You as a driver in the Highway Transportation System
  • Effective Seeing Habits on the Road
  • Understanding Vehicle Controls
  • Driving in City and Country Environments
  • Dealing with Other Roadway Users
  • Coping with Driving Emergencies
  • Alcohol, Drugs and Other Risk Factors
  • Responsibilities of Vehicle Ownership and Maintenance
  • Defensive Driving Strategies
  • Much More!

At least one of our Classroom programs begins in each month of the year. During the school year, our most common course is two-hour sessions two evenings a week. Summer courses are five sessions per week. The total number of classroom hours is thirty.

Videos, handouts and written testing are used extensively in our program to appeal to more senses and to prepare students for success in temps testing.

For those with a valid Instruction Permit (Temps), we tailor Behind-the-Wheel lessons in our 2000-or-later instruction cars to suit the needs and schedules of our students. The standard program is six hours of driving practice and six hours of on-the-road observation. We pick up and drop off as needed in the city of Fond du Lac and at agreed sites in outlying areas.

For a fee, we offer a Road Test Lesson on the day of your state road test: our instructor will pick you up, help you prepare for the test as you drive to the DMV, and accompany you to drop-off after the test and licensing are finished.


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